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huntley bargain homes

Huntley bargain homes

If you are a bargain hunter in the Huntley area and looking for bargain homes in Huntley, we need to talk. I specialize in finding bargain homes for my clients in the Hutley area. If you want bargain homes in Huntley, here are a few things you need to know:

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Are There Any Bargain Homes Left In Today’s Hot Market?

You have probably heard that the market in Huntley is hot…and it is. Are there any bargain homes in Huntley left? YES! but tyou have to know where to look and you need to be guided by an experience bargain specialist. I have access to pre-forclosure homes in Huntley and these are bargains. I am willing to share these listings with you…for free.

Forget About Short Sale Bargain Homes & Bank Owned

Bank owned homes are not the bargains they used to be. Banks no longer have a huge inventor of bank owned homes and homes are selling well. That’s why banks are painting and re-carpeting homes they own. They know they will sell for a good price. Short sales take forever to find out if you have a deal or not. They are not practical for most buyers. Remember too that most bank owned and short sales have higher closing costs too.

The Absolute Best Bargain Homes In Huntley – Pre Foreclosures

Homes are considered “pre-foreclosure” when a financial institution has registered a “lis pendens” against the title. This is a warning that a bank is about to foreclose on the home. It may take months for this to happen but the home owner knows that they will be foreclosed in the near future if they do no come up with a lot of cash or sell the home. THESE HOME OWNERS ARE MOTIVATED TO SELL and sell for a bargain price.

So if you are serious about finding a bargain home in Huntley, let me show you some pre-foreclosures. I think you will find that these are the real bargain homes in Huntley. Let’s talk about what kind of home you are looking for. Call Tony Delisi “The Pre-foreclosure Guy” at 847-471-7177.