Vince Romano Team Coming Soon ListI am very please to announce that as of January 2017, I have been accepted as part of the Vince Romano Team. This gives me several important and powerful advantages I can offer my clients who are buying, selling or renting real estate.

We Can Fore-tell The Future

One of the benefits of selecting the Vince Romano Team to represent you is that we can foretell the future and this has exclusive benefits if you are buying or selling real estate.

Vince Romano Team Seller Benefits

The Vince Romano team has assembled a list of people who “are thinking of selling”. It doesn’t cost anything for this service and there is no contract to sign. If you are even remotely considering moving in the next year, you need to be on this list. We can stop by and take a few pictures and list all the upgrades, options and special features of your home too.

The “Coming Soon List”

We can add you to our “Coming Soon List” We have hundreds of buyers who tell us what they are looking for. We not only tell them what is on the market, but we tell them about our “coming soon” homes too.
If your home meets their wishes, we may ask if we can show your home to our clients. If you allow it, we will bring them by to see your home. We have found that buyers are more likely to offer very close to your asking price since they are getting an exclusive look at a home not available to the public but coming soon”
Today’s seller’s market has very low inventory of homes for sale. Our list gives you the advantage of possibly showing your home without the trouble of lots of showings, open house events etc.
Best of all, you are in complete control. You don’t have to allow showings, you don’t have to sell. But it’s nice to have the option.
So, if you are even considering selling your home in 2017, find out more about the Vince Romano Team’s “Coming Soon List”. Call Tony Delis at 847-471-7177.