By: Tony Delisi at RE/MAX Unlimited NorthwestHows the market in HUntley

If you own a home in Huntley and are even remotely interested in selling, you probably wonder how the market is and what’s your Huntley home worth.

The market for Huntley homes in hot and your Huntley home worth is more than it has been. How much more requires some research. Here are the main factors you need to know:

Average Inventory

If the number of homes for sale is lower than average, prices go up with demand. You need to know how many homes like yours are for sale in your area and if this is an unusually low number. This is a big factor in determining your Huntley home worth.

Average Market Time

If homes in your development and area are flying off the market, it shows that demand is high and high demand means high prices. Low market time means higher worth for your Huntley home.

Contract To Original List Price

I can tell you how much an average home like yours in your development sold for as a percentage of the original list price. This not only helps you determine your Huntley home worth but it also tells you how much you can expect to give as a discount when you sell.

Get Hyperlocal Stats

I can provide you with hyperlocal statistics from the multiple listing service. What is that? It is statistics about homes of your size, your price range, your amenities and specifically in your subdivision. You can’t really know your Huntley homes worth without statistics drawn from homes like yours in your neighborhood.

Never Rely On Zillow or Trulia

You mat be thinking that you will consult Zillow or Trulia to find your home’s value but that i a serious mistake. Their programs can’t see inside your home. They take numbers from short sales and foreclosures. They have no idea that you built a beautiful deck or added a sun room. The Washington Post says Zillow is off 5% to 20% in their article and that’s a lot of money. It can be as much as $40,000 on an average home in Huntley.

Use A Hyperlocal Specialist

An experienced Realtor is far more accurate than a computer in determining how much your HUntley home is worth. Even better is  hyperlocal specialist. If you are selling a home in Huntley, you need a Realtor who lives in Huntley, who knows what streets are being widened, or closed, what businesses are coming etc.

You need someone who knows your exact development and what’s happening. Best of all, this valuable information is free. Even if you are remotely thinking of selling, I will be glad to come to meet you with these facts so you will know exactly what your Huntley home is worth. Just gove me a call at 847-471-7177.