Huntley High School - Your Kids Will Love It

Top honors in all areas for Huntley High School

Huntley High School in Huntley IL is a remarkable school. It gets rave reviews from parents and students alike. As a Realtor, many of my clients ask to be sure the homes I show them are in this school district. Almost every day, I see articles in the Daily Herald about academic and sports achievements. Many students stay in touch with their friends from Huntley High School for years and have connections and friends for life. Going to Huntley High School is truly a life changing decision.

Huntley High School Report Card

Facts About Huntley High School

Huntley High School Scores High in important areas:

  • Total Enrollment 2,773
  • Average Class Size 24
  • Graduation Rate 92%
  • Ready For College 64%
  • Low Income Students 16%
  • English Learners 1%
  • Students With Disabilities 10%

Facilities & Programs

All state of the art

Huntley High School has 11 sports for girls and 11 for boys. Students have to maintain good grades to participate in sports.