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Lake in the Hills was started in 1923 by Federal Judge Walter J. La Buy around Woods Creek Lake, which is the main lake in Lake in the Hills. By the year 1926, La Buy bought 472 acres (1.91 km2) of land which is currently Indian Trail. On this land, he built five stucco homes; only one stands in its original state, which is currently owned by the Village of Lake in the Hills. The other four original stucco homes have been altered in some way, but all still stand in the original spot by Woods Creek Lake.

The early days of Lake in the Hills saw vacationers from the Chicago area, who wanted to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. By 1950, some of the vacationers became year round residents of Lake in the Hills. On November 29, 1952, the Village of Lake in the Hills was formed and the original mayor was Bosethus Platt.

The village of Lake in the Hills remained a small, close-knit lakeside residential community for much of the 20th Century, relying on nearby towns like Algonquin andCrystal Lake for services. In 1987, the Village’s first shopping center was constructed; it was built at the intersection of Algonquin Road and Oakleaf Road±. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Village made a series of large annexations extending west of Randall Road, all the way west to Illinois Route 47. Numerous subdivisions were constructed in this area throughout the 1990s and 2000s (decade) and retail development blossomed along Randall Road during this time period as well. By the mid 2000s (decade), development had slowed down and as the Village became landlocked by other municipalities, it worked to appropriately develop its remaining parcels.

Lake In The Hills Communities

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The heart and soul of Lake in the Hills is considered by many to be the collection of older neighborhoods colloquially dubbed the “Old Section”. For many L.I.T.H. natives, the Old Section is considered the “true” Lake in the Hills, as it contains the lake and the hills from which the town derives its name. The Old Section is unique for its eclectic appearance, as opposed to the newer neighborhoods more homogeneous tract style. Within the Old Section there are four main neighborhoods. These four neighborhoods are as follows: the Original section, the Indian section, the Tree section, and the Presidents section. All, besides the Original section, derive their names from the street names of the area. So the Presidents section contains streets named after presidents, the Indian section of Indian tribes, and the Tree section of different species of trees. The Original section is dubbed so because it is where most of the early settlement took place. Aside from the village’s older section, the village has developed several neighborhoods, especially due to the rise of subdivisions in the village over the past 15 years.

  • Princeton Crossing, located along Ackman and Lakewood Road, is the area’s most pristine townhome community. This neighborhood consists of 67 townhomes and plush landscaping.
  • Prairie Point, located along Cunat Court is a neighborhood on the village’s eastern side, just west of Pyott Road. It included 3-story condominium buildings and a neighborhood recreational center and pool.
  • Boulder Ridge is a gated community in the central section of town, north of Algonquin Road, south of Miller Road and east of Frank Road. It features homes worth between $400,000 and $1,000,000. It also includes the village’s only 18 hole golf course, and an immaculate country club which is a popular spot for banquets. On the west side of Frank Road, is the child development “The Lakes of Boulder Ridge”, which offers a 9-hole golf course, scenic setting, and expensive duplex homes.
  • Big Sky and Harvest Gate are neighborhoods just west of Randall Road and south of Miller Road, just east of Boulder Ridge. They are some of the village’s first actual subdvisions and were built by the same developer, Town and Country Homes. Woods Creek divides them. Big Sky Park, the new Lake in the Hills Village Hall, and Lincoln Prairie Elementary School are all located within these neighborhoods.
  • Spring Lake Farm (north) is a subdivision south of Miller Road, west of Frank Road. It was also among the village’s first subdivisions, built c. early 1990s, by Sundance Homes and Americana Homes. It includes both single-family and multi-family homes.
  • Spring Lake Farm (south) is a single-family home subdivision built by Sundance Homes on Algonquin Road, west of Lakewood and immediately east of Tom’s Farm Market in Huntley. It was the village’s first subdivision west of Lakewood Road. Homes in this neighborhood are valued generally in the $200K range.
  • Bellchase is a neighborhood built by Sundance Homes on the village’s only parcel south of Algonquin Road. This neighborhood features Bellchase Commons, LeRoy Guy Park, and a full range of homes, from 2- and 3-bedroom duplexes and smaller 2-story “freedom” homes to large 4- and 5-bedroom homes. Duplexes in this neighborhood are valued from the high $100s, single-family homes are priced from the mid $200s to the mid $300s.
  • Sumner Glen and Provence are neighborhoods built by Town and Country Homes. They are located along the western side of Lakewood Road from Algonquin Road to Miller Road. Normandy Park and Exner Marsh Nature Preserve along Reed Road serve as this area’s centerpiece. Provence features slightly smaller homes, including both ranches and two-stories, valued generally in the $200K range. Sumner Glen features more expensive homes, some with 5-6 bedrooms, valued generally in the $300K range.
  • Heron Bay is a small neighborhood featuring slightly upscale homes starting in the low $300s. It backs up to the Exner Marsh and features a very large pond with multiple fountains.
  • Meadowbrook is the village’s most expansive neighborhood. Located in the northwest part of the village, along Miller, Lakewood, and Haligus Roads, it is anchored by Sunset Park and features several smaller neighborhoods within. Impressions is a duplex-style home community, Summit Ridge is a small neighborhood of exclusive homes, Sunrise and Drake Park are moderately priced neighborhoods featuring one and two story homes, and Regatta is a neighborhood featuring smaller one-story and two-story homes. Concord Hills, however, was the first community and is located just east of Lakewood Road, north of Miller Road.
  • At the southeast corner of Lakewood and Ackman Roads is the Cheswick Place subdivision,Built by Orleans Homes. The neighborhood consists of over 100 single family homes, with retail and small office buildings, a small market and a gas station to the northeast. This neighborhood is interesting in that it has a small, operating cornfield fronting its main entrance on Ackman Road. This neighborhood is bordered by Ackman Road to the north, Lakewood Road to the west, The Impressions neighborhood and a wetland to the south, and Swanson road and a future village-owned fitness center to the east. It has 2 village-owned parks and a small non-village gazebo park with a small, paved bike path. This neighborhood also has a Halloween tradition unique to itself, in which neighbors drop off baskets of candy which must be refilled and passed on anonymously to another neighbor. This takes place in the weeks before Halloween, and often continues until Halloween night.
  • Fox Ridge Farm, a planned subdivision of potentially 200-300 homes located on the village’s western fringe along Illinois Route 47, is currently under development review. Once constructed, it will likely be the last major subdivision developed in the village, as Lake in the Hills has become landlocked by other municipalities.
  • The old neighborhoods are primarily in the original section of the town. This consists of all homes residing in the original development of the town. This is usually considered, by locals, to include all homes built within an area of close to the actual lake. It is widely recognized that if a home is within a short walking distance of the lake, the police station, or the fire department, that said home is one of the original homes in the town.

Lake In The Hills Education

The village is served by four school districts. Consolidated School District 158 serves a majority of the village, covering its densely populated western half. School District 300 serves the older sections of town on the eastern side, and Elementary School District 47 and Community High School District 155 serve the a small portion of the central sections of the village.

Elementary schools

Elementary Schools serving Lake in the Hills include:


Lincoln Prairie Elementary School was Illinois School District 300’s highest-scoring elementary school in the 2006 Iowa Test of Basic Skills (school evaluation tests).

Middle schools

Middle Schools serving Lake in the Hills include:

High schools

High Schools serving Lake in the Hills include:

All three high schools are in the Fox Valley Conference and are major rivals of each other.

Community colleges

McHenry County College in Crystal Lake and Elgin Community College in Elgin are the community colleges that serve the village.


Huntley Area Public Library serves residents in the western sections of the village while Algonquin Area Public Library District serves residents in the eastern sections of the village.