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Thanks for filling in your contact information on our open house list page. We will send you a complete list of open house events. This list (with map) has all the listings registered with the Multiple Listing System by all Brokers. Many Brokers only want you to know about the opens their company is hosting, but we reveal it all!  Our open house list  covers Huntley IL open houses, Algonquin IL open houses, Pingree Grove IL open houses, Sun City Huntley open houses, Lake In The Hills IL open houses and more.

If you are looking to visit open houses, I agree that open houses are the best way to learn what you like and don’t like before you start seriously looking.Tony Delisi Open House

Open houses help you decide which types of homes and layouts you want and need.

1 Look Through the entire home

Occasionally, attending an open house can be a bit awkward (after all, you are walking through someone else’s home). The key is to be polite but thorough with your tour of the house. Don’t be afraid to open doors. Often powder rooms, wine cellars, pantries, laundry rooms and secret hideaways get missed, particularly if it is a crowded open house. Come prepared and bring your tape measure, notepad, camera and questions for your real estate agent. If you go to a lot of opens in one day, you may mix them up in your mind and forget about details unless you take notes.

2 Have your eyes and ears peeled

It’s one thing to be on the lookout for black mold, cracked drywall and rusty fixtures in a potential home, but an open house is much more than meets the eye. Listen to what other people are saying and pay attention to their comments as you walk through.  In addition, you should be listening for squeaky floors, breezy windows and leaky taps—these can all lead to major issues in the future if you decide to purchase.

3 Check Out the surrounding neighborhood

The advantage of attending an open house is the ability to see a prime piece of real estate in its natural habitat (it’s no longer just a picture in a newspaper or on a website). This means having a critical eye for nearby homes and the location the house resides in. Take some time to explore the neighborhood and surrounding streets. Drive around and check out proximity to amenities, schools and coffee shops as well as to your work, your gym, your pre-school etc.  The outside of homes tells you a lot about what your neighbors might be like to live with.
These are just a few things you can do during open houses. I’ll send you a list of all the opens and I will also send you listings of homes that are what you are looking for. Want a very private lot? Want a finished basement? Tell me what you want and I’ll find it. Call me at 847-471-7177.