Zillow is wrong by an average of 17% but I can help. An average home in our area sells for $250,000 so a 17% error means on average, Zillow will misstate the value of your home by almost $50,000!!

I have a unique method for triangulating the value of homes. First, I look at  all the activity in your subdivision or community. I use data for the last 6 months because the markets re changing fast. I show you all of the active properties as well as all that have sold and how much they sold for. 

Then, I send you data for homes of similar size, age, and features that are near your home.

I use this data to extrapolate what your home is probably worth (of course I haven’t seen it). I compare this to the assessors value for your home as well as Zillow’s, Trulia’s and Realtor.com’s estimates. This allows you to have an accurate estimate of your home’s value.