7 Easy Ways To Get More Out Of Open House Events

Tony Delisi
Published on February 24, 2016

7 Easy Ways To Get More Out Of Open House Events



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Plan Your Day

Everything goes better with a good plan and open house events are no different. Plan your day so you won.t give up searching because you’re hungry or the kids are fussy. Attending an open house is serious work and will help you choose a great home in a great neighborhood. It will save you money too!

What’s Your Goal?

There are various goals for open houses. Of course, you may be there to find your dream home but in addition, you could be checking to see how homes of different sizes feel. You could also be checking layouts. You may see a floor-plan like an open kitchen that you thought would e great but when you see it in real life, you may decide it isn’t for you. You may wish to use the open house to pick the model you would like. You might want to see how a family deals with small closets or how they use the basement space. You’ll get lots of ideas but you’ll get more if you know in advance what you want to learn from the open house.

Things To Ignore & Things To Absorb

Don’t worry about the color of the walls or the condition of the carpet or other cosmetics that can easily be changed. The open house isnt so much about the particular home you are in but in learning what size suits you, what neighborhood you like, how landscaping affects the home and much more.

Keep An Open Mind

An open house many show you that you like counter tops that aren’t granite or that you don;t really need a commercial stove. Keep an open mind so you will learn and see things you had not considered before. Open minds lead to more learning and better decisions. You may confirm the things you thought but you may open a whole new way of thinking.

Bring A Wish List & Take Notes

ftr_197_imageI suggest you bring a “wish list” to open houses. This is a list of the features you definitely want in your next home. It could include things like “deck for barbq”, 3rd bedroom, bedroom separation, double oven etc. Bring a copy for each home you intend to see and fill in notes. This will help you remember what you saw and what impressed you before your memory becomes just one big jumble. You will forget things if you don;t take notes, so bring pen and paper.

Pause To Consider

When you return to your car after seeing an open house, take a few minutes to discuss what you saw and make notes of what impressed you and what you want to void. This helps solidify your decisions and get far more out of the day than if you drive off to the next one without discussing and taking notes. Use these notes to update your wish list for next week’s opens.

Check The Neighborhood

While you are at an open, take some time to check out the neighborhood. Is it choked with parked cars? Was that a loud train you heard? How is the traffic noise? Is it easy to get to the throughway? What stores are walkable? These are all things you want to note to decide which neighborhood might be best for you.


If you are planning on attending open houses in the Northwest Suburbs, ask for my free list. I email it out every Saturday. It has a list of ALL the opens that have been registered with the Multiple Listing Service. Various Brokerages have lists on their web sites but this list has all the opens from every Broker. To get your free list, just call 847-471-7177 or email [email protected] as ask for the open house list.


7 Easy Ways To Get More Out Of Open House Events
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