Tony Delisi
Published on July 2, 2016



If you’re selling your Sun City Il homes, you will want to avoid five common mistakes that cause problems and cost money during the sale of Sun City IL homes.




Mistakes selling Sun City IL homesPeople buy the “shine” when they tour Sun City IL homes. In Sun City, most homes look impeccable, so if yours doesn’t you are creating a big problem that may cause your home to sell slowly or sell for less than you deserve. If you want to give your agent the best possible chance at selling your home, it should be ready to show immediately if need be. If you have toys laying around and dishes in the sink and clothes thrown about, it won’t leave a great impression when your agent brings a potential buyer through.


If you are determined to get that home sold (which I assume you are) make daily cleaning a thing. If you stay on top of it daily even just 30 minutes at a time it’ll be more manageable. Also make sure before your home is listed that you remove any additional clutter that isn’t essential to you living there. The more spacious you can make the home appear while maintaining its appeal the better your shot at selling it quickly.


Make Sure You Are Not Home For Open Houses & Showings


Be involved with the home selling process by all means, but when you have an open house make sure you’re not there. People are coming to judge your house, in most instances people won’t be as relaxed and laid back as they need to be if the sellers are following them around. So take the off and go spend some time with your kids or just go relax somewhere else and trust your agent.


You’re waiting for the best possible offer

Your interpretation of the best possible offer might be skewing your judgement. You might be in the ideal situation where you’re receiving multiple offers. However, if you try to push the envelope too far you might end up pushing all those potential buyers away. So striking a healthy balance between your asking price and the offers coming in will come down to listening to your listing agent.


You left a mess for the buyer


You sold your home, which is great. However, you left a mess for the buyer to deal with when they finally decide to move im. Don’t leave the buyer in a sour mood, remember these are the people who might need to forward your mail for the next few weeks. So clean out any areas that usually go overlooked (garage, attic) and make sure the home is welcoming for the buyer.


You’re convinced your home is special


Your home will have a different amount of emotional value to you than it will to a prospective buyer. So try to separate yourself from the intangible qualities of the home that make it so special to you. Holding on to these special qualities and memories will make the process of selling the home a bit more difficult for your agent. Remember they see you home for what it is and you see it for something entirely different. Being aware of that will make this process easier for all parties involved here.


Just relax and make sure your listing agent is in control of this process and everything will be much easier. They understand how important the home is to you and their goal is to get you the value you deserve. So ask if you need to do anything additional to the house and stay clear when you need to. Your listing agent will be very appreciative to you throughout the entire process.

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