How To Buy The Bargain Huntley Homes For Sale – Even In Today’s Hot Market

Huntley Homes For Sale
Published on June 2, 2018

How To Buy The Bargain Huntley Homes For Sale – Even In Today’s Hot Market


By: Tony Delisi –

Many people think there is no way to find and buy bargain Huntley homes but that isn’t the case. With the right tools and with the right Realtor there are still bargain Huntley homes and you can buy one.  This article discusses how to kind bargain Huntley homes and how to buy them.

Get My Exclusive Bargain Huntley Homes Report

The first free tool you need is my exclusive bargain report. It shows you the best buys in Huntley by sorting available homes in a specific way that lets you spot the ones that are great deals and the ones that are over-priced. I would be glad to send you this report for free. Just email me at and ask. If you are thinking of selling your home, this report will also show you exactly where your home should be priced so it is attractive to buyers in the Huntley market.

Look At A Lot Of Bargain Huntley Homes

To get a bargain, you need to look at a lot of homes. I enjoy looking at homes with clients and I am very patient. Don’t accept representation from a Realtor who only wants to show you a few. Unlike HGTV where the buyers only see 3 homes, bargain hunters have to look at a lot of Huntley homes and they have to be patient until one comes along that they love and that is at a great price.

Make A Lot Of Offers

I love negotiating and I’m good at it. I owned a car dealership and negotiated hundreds of times every week. The best way to get bargain Huntley homes is to submit a lot of offers. Be sure to work with a Realtor who will allow you to make lots of offers.

Make Your Offers As Strong As Possible

In order to get an offer accepted on bargain Huntley homes,  your offer needs to be as strong as possible. You need to be pre-approved. You need to be as free of conditions as possible and a strong amount of earnest money helps too. Try to meet the sellers preferred closing date. All these things make offers more attractive even if they are not the highest offer.

Shop For Financing

A tiny difference in rate makes a huge difference in the total price you will pay. Be sure to shop for the finance source that has any special programs that help with downpayment and special low rates. It will make any home one of the bargain Huntley homes.

If you are looking for a deal and a bargain, contact the Realtor who knows Huntley and one who is not afraid to do the extra work you need to get one of the bargain Huntley homes. Call Tony Delisi now at RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest – 847-471-7177.

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How To Buy The Bargain Huntley Homes For Sale – Even In Today’s Hot Market
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