Is New Construction Or Pre-Owned Better For Pingree Grove Homes For Sale?

Tony Delisi
Published on June 1, 2016

Is New Construction Or Pre-Owned Better For Pingree Grove Homes For Sale?


By: New constructed or pre-owned homes for sale in Pingree GroveTony Delisi – RE/MAX Unlimited North West

If you are considering Pingree Grove Homes for sale and especially Cambridge Lakes homes for sale, you need to consider the advantages of new construction VS previously owned homes. Here are some advantages to consider:

Move-In Date

Fear of missed moving dateWhile builders try to meet deadlines for new construction, it is not always possible to do so. Buying new construction when looking for Pingree Grove homes for sale means you may have no where to go when you have to vacated your current home. You may have to move twice or store your goods. This is expensive and really inconvenient. You may not be able to register your children in the school you want. There are many issues the pre-owned homes have an advantage. With a preowned Pingree Grove home for sale, you know exactly when you will be moving and that’s a huge advantage.

Upgrades At Bargain Prices

Builders make a lot on upgrades on Pingree Grove Homes For Sale. Once buyers get in the mood to buy, they are often willing to pay high prices for upgrades and options. For example, one development I live in charged $600 for knobs and pulls for kitchen cabinets. I’m thinking I could get a lot of cabinet knobs for $600! Even extra light switches or outlets often come with very high prices. You can save a lot on Pingree Grove homes for sale by buying pre-owned homes that have already absorbed the high cost of add-ons and upgrades.

What You See Is What You Get

When you buy a home that is not built yet, you rely on the fact that it will be built to your specifications. In many cases, this happens but in some it does not. My wife and I are good examples. We had a home built for us but it ended up being built  without an optional window we requested in the master bath and different flooring in the dining room. The flooring got changed but it was a hassle but they said the window could not be put in. The big advantage to pre-owned home is that what you see is what you get.

Extras We Assume Will Be There

Many people assume there will be items in the home that are not there when it is built. For example, I bought a home to be built and had no idea that grass was not included. I pictured arriving at my new home with beautiful green grass and landscaping but found mud and wooden skids instead. You may be surprised what is and is not included in your home when it is built for you.

Adjustments Already Made

New construction is great but there are usually adjustments you have to live through like nail popping, dry wall tape problems, drainage issues, basement issues and more. The builder usually fixes these issues but you have to live through contractors and dry wall dust. Pre-owned Pingree Grove homes for sale have endured the hassles for you.

Better Pricing

Pre-owned Pingree Gove Homes For Sale are usually priced better than homes to be built for several reasons. First, they were bought a few years ago when prices were lower, so they are often priced at significant savings. Second, recent home owners know that have to price their resales a bit lower than new construction in order to sell them. These actors can add up to quite a savings for you.

Better Terms & Financing Options

Many builders offer financing for your new Pingree Grove home for sale but many push you to use their financing in exchange for a discount on the home. Be sure to get a second opinion on terms and conditions from other lenders and calculate how much you will save from a non-builder mortgage before you make the decision. If you would like assistance in calculating the costs and savings, call Tony Delisi at RE/MAX 847-471-7177.

More Mature Location

Most new construction lots have very immature landscaping. The bulldozers stripped the land down just a few months ago. Even if they have planted trees and bushes, they tend to be very small and need time to grow. When you purchase a previously owned home in the same subdivision, it may have trees and bushes that have had a chance to grow for 5 to 10 years. This makes a huge difference to how your home looks for many years to come.

Huge Price Advantage With Beautiful Pre-Owned Home

What about the price? You may be surprised. The builder is currently offering the Tuscan model “from $268,000”. My beautiful Tuscan listing at 1823 Lake Bluff with beautiful professional landscaping is listed at only $279,900. You won’t actually get a Tuscan from the builder without wanting many upgrades and upgrades are expensive. Take a look at the upgrades included in this beautiful home:

  • Mature professional landscaping
  • Upgraded extended maple cabinets in kitchen
  • Romantic over/under cabinet lighting
  • Upgraded stainless steel appliances (upgraded from builder upgrade)
  • Large walk-in pantry
  • Large island and peninsula with built in electrical outlets
  • Ceramic tile floors
  • Double sided fireplace
  • Extra large extended garage
  • Family room ceiling fan upgraded from builder fixture
  • Master bedroom vaulted ceiling upgrade
  • Ceramic tile floor and surrounds are upgraded from builder finishes
  • Dual sink upgrade in master bath
  • Comfort counter hight upgrade in master bath
  • Dual sink upgrade in 2nd bath
  • Comfort height cabinet upgrade in 2nd bath
  • Carpet and pad upgraded throughout home from builder grade
  • All bedrooms upgraded with additional outlets, ceiling fixtures, cable and phone
  • Basement upgraded with roughed in bathroom, whole house water softener and filter

Just imagine the cost of all these upgrades and ad-ons from the builder!

If you’d like to experience some of the differences we have discussed in this article, check out my listing at 1823 Lake Bluff in Pingree Grove and call Tony Delisi at 847-471-7177 for a personal appointment.

Is New Construction Or Pre-Owned Better For Pingree Grove Homes For Sale?
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