Seven Surprising Ways Your Realtor May Be Stopping Your Home From Selling

Tony Delisi
Published on February 26, 2017

Seven Surprising Ways Your Realtor May Be Stopping Your Home From Selling


By: Tony Delisi | Broker Associate – RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest

When you list your home, you assume your Realtor is doing everything possible to get buyers to see your home but there may be things going on that are actually stopping your home from selling. Despite the importance of these items, I have never had a prospective seller ask about them. It will serve you well to find out about the ways your Realtor may be stopping your home from selling.

No On Line & Social Media Marketing Could Definitely Be Stopping Your Home From Selling

The latest statistics show that 90% of all buyers look on line to decide which homes they will look at in person. If your home isn;t being marketed properly on line and through social media, you are missing a very large segment of potential buyers. Be sure to ask your Realtor how many visitors come to their personal blog page every month and how they use soial media to drive buyers to your listing. If they are not using PAID advertising on Zillow, Facebook and Youtube, they my be stopping most buyers from seeing your home.

No Instant 24-hour Appointment Booking Could Be Stopping Your Home From Selling

Realtors are very busy and the industry is extremely fast-paced. Realtors like to book appointment on the Multiple Listing Service with the click of a button. The system also allows them to book appointments 24 hours a day. To save money, some Realtors and Brokerages insist on booking appointments by having calls come to their office and do not allow on-line booking. This is a way the may be stopping your home from selling.

Here is how that can cost you sales. Let’s say I meet a couple at an open house on Sunday and they want to see your home first thing Monday morning. I should be able to log on to the MLS system, push a button and book the appointment. But if your Realtor insists on booking through the office, I call the office at 5:00 PM on Sunday but there is no one there. I have to leave a message or call back when they open at 9:00 on Monday, That will be too late for a morning appointment on Monday, so by buyers will have to skip your home and see another. You may have missed the sale. Make sure your Realtor allows on-line appointment bookings 24/7.

Sign Calls Go To “The Desk” Could Be Stopping Your Home From Selling

Who’s number will be on the sign outside your home? The answer may be stopping your home from selling. Some firms have their main number on the sign. When buyers call, the call goes to “the desk”. The desk is manned during office hours by a salesperson on duty. This salesperson is probably a very low producer nd that’s why they are working the desk instead of selling homes. In addition, that salesperson probably has never seen your home and knows very little about it or how to sell it. Finally, desk calls could be answered by administrative staff (receptionist). If they are not licensed Realtors, they are prohibited by law from answering most questions.

My signs on my listings have my cell phone number which I answer every hour I am awake. Buyers calls come to someone who knows your home, have a tremendous incentive to sell it and someone who is a successful and experienced Realtor…me.

Disappointing Co-op Broker Split Could Be Stopping Your Home From Selling

Your Realtor can offer any amount to co-operating Brokers who bring buyers. However, if they offer too low a split, it could be stopping your home from selling as Brokers will have an incentive to show homes that compete with yours to earn a larger commission split.

“Owner Will Let You In” – Could Be Stopping Your Home From Selling

Most Realtors do not want the owner to be home during their appointments. According to a recent article on by Angela Colley, Having the owner home to let the buyers in can prevent your home from selling. It’s harder to set up the appointment and then the buyers feel uncomfortable and leave faster without checking out the home thoroughly. Almost all owners talk too much during appointments and say things that lead away from the sale, not toward it.

Unfriendly Copy In Listing Could Be Stopping Your Home From Selling

The description of your home is in your listing and is reproduced on real estate web site like Zillow. Be sure your Realtor doesn’t put in phrases like “sold as is”.  This may scare buyers from seeing your home and there is plenty of time to negotiate this in after the buyer is interested. Call Tony Delisi at 847-471-7177 for a complete list of things you should never say in real estate listings.

If you would like a Realtor who gives you every advantage when selling your home, call Tony Delisi “The Results Guy” at RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest 847-471-7177.

Seven Surprising Ways Your Realtor May Be Stopping Your Home From Selling
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