Six Little Known Reason Why You Should Buy A Home During An Election

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Published on May 10, 2016

Six Little Known Reason Why You Should Buy A Home During An Election


By: Tony Delisi Associate Broker RE/MAX Unlimited North West

buy a home during an election

Very few people realize that one of the best times to buy a home is during an election. Here are six little known reasons to consider.

Grants & Low Interest

There may be government grants available to help with down payments and closing costs when you buy a home. These programs often run out of cash and are not available year round. However, buying a home during an election pays. Most politicians want to be sure these funds are available during their campaigns so they can tell folks about the great programs they have secured for us. You can take advantage by buying a home during an election cycle.

Signs Depress The Market

Normally, for sale signs stand out and generate a lot of interest. However, during elections, the landscape if filled with election signs and “for sale” signs fade into the background. This causes less interest and fewer showings for homes for sale. Also, as people become more interested in the election, they spend less time combing over listings on line. This further depresses activity, showings and sales.

Less Activity Breeds Fear & Depressions

It’s a great time to buy a home because this lowering of interest and activity makes sellers who were once supremely confident become more fearful of not selling. Home prices actually fall during elections and that makes it a great time for buying a home.

In addition, sellers will be exposed to hundreds and hundreds of negative ads telling us the economy is in terrible shape, our enemies are ready ti strike, epidemics are right around the corner and much more. If you can keep the courage to buy a house during this barrage, you can get a good deal from the feint of heart sellers.

Banks & Services Have Free Time

Another reason elections are great times to buy a home is the fact that lower activity means banks and other services are less busy. Home inspectors and appraisers can set more convenient appointments. Banks are more anxious to make deals and any stretching ion rates and terms makes it a better time to buy a home.

So if you are close top buying a home in the next year, don;t wait until after the election. Now is the time tio get  great deal. Take the first step and call Tony Delisi “The Results Guy” at 847-471-7177.


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Six Little Known Reason Why You Should Buy A Home During An Election
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