By: Tony Delisi | RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest

If you are considering a divorce in Algonquin or Huntley. we can help. We sell homes quickly and for top dollar. We will give you an accurate picture as to how much your home will sell for and how long it will take. Here are some critical considerations for those selling home in divorce.

Selling Home In Divorce | Divorce Settlement Better Than Court Ordered

One important realization is that selling and settling is usually far better than court ordered solutions. Not only are costs very high if courts and attorneys get involved but appraisers use homes sold in the last 6 months to set a value. In today’s rising market, that may be far less than you can sell it for. When selling home in divorce, you need a Realtor who can give you a fair value based on the current market and sell it quickly for top dollar.

Your Credit Probably Will Change

Getting a divorce lowers your credit rating. Banks know that people are often a little more unstable after a divorce. They may change jobs, locations etc. Also, each partner in a divorce will have less income and assets than when they were married. If your credit score decreases, the interest you pay will increase and it may be more difficult to get a mortgage. Use a Realtor who can recommend mortgage sources who specialize in divorce.

Sell Quickly – Reduce Cost To Carry

It costs money to carry a home. There are taxes, maintenance, association fees etc. These costs add up quickly on top of all the other costs of getting divorces. Choose a Realtor who understands selling home in divorce and can sell your home quickly by serious marketing that will get the job done.

Sell Quickly Before Relationship Deteriorates

Most divorces deteriorate the longer things drag on. Sometimes disagreements come up about the children, money or family. You may be able to negotiate a much better real estate solution if you sell the home, negotiate and settle quickly. You need a Realtor who can get the job done quickly.

Use A Realtor Who Will Sell & Advertise

Choose a Realtor who is willing to invest advertising dollars in your home. Also, one who uses internet marketing, social media and video to attract buyers. “List’em and Leave’em will not work for those in a divorce. You need action.

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