~ Single Story Homes – Here are some advantages to one floor living

single story homesMany people are turning to one story homes and there are a variety of advantages to consider. I live in a one floor home and I specialize in one story homes for my clients. Take a look at some single story home attributes to consider.

1. Stairs May Become An Obstacle That Single Story Homes Avoid.

At some point in our lives, we all have problems negotiating stairs. It could be a broken leg from skiing, it could be recovering from an operation or it could be just aging and chronic mobility problems make stair climbing painful or impossible.

Single story home plans are perfect for aging in place because they allow freedom of movement at any age. Indeed, the elderly aren’t the only ones for whom stairs can be a challenge.

Young children also do better with a single-story design. There are no stairs to fall down, so Mom and Dad can relax in a single story home.

Moreover, maintenance is generally easier with a single-story home plan. You can wash the windows or check the gutters without risking life and limb.

Here are some single story homes for sale in Huntley. These are only a few. I have more. Call Tony Delisi at 847-471-7177 for a complete list.There are live listings and updated every few minutes.

2. Single Story Home Plans Offer Increased Energy Efficiency.

It’s easier to heat a single story house plan. Most modern single story house plans feature a central shared living area, surrounded by more private rooms such as bedrooms and offices. Heated and cooled air naturally flows through such an open design. In contrast, multiple story house plans require more complex (and more costly) HVAC systems and balancing the heat and cool between floors can be a continual issue

3. Plenty of Open Floor Plans – Today’s Most Desired Layouts.

Single story house plans tend to include a greatroom, sometimes called the “Family Triangle” of living room, dining room, and kitchen. While older homes boxed each of these rooms off with walls, modern single story home plans are often designed to merge these three areas into one large, open space.

Single story homes are easier to build with cathedral ceilings, skylights and other interesting architectural features that are blocked by the secnd floor in 2 story homes.

4. Easily Expanded Living Space in Single Story Homes.

Assuming you have a large enough lot, it’s fairly easy to add a deck, sunroom, or patio to a single story home plan. In contrast, a two-story home will require structural analysis and careful planning for expansion. The ease of expanding outdoor living areas translates to a strong indoor/outdoor connection in many single story home plans.

5. Affordability.

Single story home plans are usually less costly to build and to maintain than their multiple-story counterparts. They offer more living space since square footage (and money) is not spent on staircases. Those looking ahead towards retirement, single-floor living can mean the ability to age in place and wheelchair accessibility.

6. Single Story Homes Are More Quiet

Also, benefiting families in all stages of their lives, without the second story there’s no noise from stairs and upstairs traffic, and evacuation is easier in the event of a fire. Practically speaking, single-story homes can require fewer bathrooms, since they’re all on the same floor: a potential cost-saving feature. Also, the mudroom and laundry room can more easily be combined, saving space. There are more options for varying ceiling heights and skylight. And lastly, single-story homes can be built in areas with building height restrictions.

Comparative Building Cost and Real Estate Valuations

Comparative building cost and valuations can be very subjective. As previously mentioned, a new single-story might involve higher foundation and roofing costs per square foot of living space, however two-story buildings may involve more challenging construction at height, a slower production schedule, an added staircase, and in some cases, a deeper foundation. But in general, given equal levels of finish, building costs are comparable enough so that your design decisions should not be based on it. As for home valuations, some real estate agents think that, on average, two-story homes command higher prices but all valuations should be based on actual sales in your area.

For more information on single story homes, call the single story home specialist Tony Delisi at RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest 847-471-7177.

~ Single Story Homes – Here are some advantages to one floor living
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