Sun City Huntley IL

The Midwest's Premier Over 55 Community

What’s Sun City Like?

Lodge at Sun City HuntleyI love Sun City Huntley. My wife and I have lived here for about 4years. We have made great friends and it makes me smile every day. It’s a big place – almost 2,300 acres with over 5400 homes but there are lots of open areas and green space. It is built out, so no more homes will be erected. Thee is a spectacular 94.000 sq ft clubhouse with state of the art fitness equipment, indoor pool, indoor track, a theater a great restaurant and more. Just outside the lodge is a championship golf course too and tennis courts. There is a second lodge as well with fitness center, outdoor pool and meeting rooms.

There are clubs focused on a variety of interests, card games, trips and entertainment in the theater. Movies are a dollar with fifty cent pop corn. There’s a wood working shop and a baseball diamond with a league. Best of all, these activities surround you with active adults. You never feel like the old person in the room.

Sun City Clubs & Activities

You'll Never Be Bored In Sun City Huntley

lifestylesThere is always things to do in Sun City Huntley. Of course, you don’t have to do anything but it’s nice to know you can. I will be creating pages about all activities but it will take time as there are a lot. Check back for updates and enjoy what I have here so far. For more info on any activity or club, give me  a call at 847-471-7177 or email me at


Every resident receives a free magazine monthly called Lifestyles. It lists the events, clubs and more. There are clubs, activities, movies, live entertainment, karaoke and more. Check out past issues of Lifestyles here

Here is an updated link to some of the entertainment available at Sun City Huntley direct from the association web site.

Sun City Huntley Trips To Enjoy

Looking for culture, we offer trips to art galleries and opera plus live theater in Chicago. Looking for fun? We offer trips that are walking tours, architecture, sporting events and casinos. There are fun events for every interest.

Sun City Huntley Charter Clubs

There are lots of clubs for almost any interest. Here is a list of the charter clubs:

AnglersCurrent EventsSoftball
BagsEuchre ClubSun City Historians
BocceGolf ClubSew’n Sews
Book DiscussionGrandma, Grandpa & MeSkip Bo
BridgeInvestorsSun City Sportsmen
CanastaMah JonggSun City Squares
Celtic ClubPencil & PaletteSun City Singles 
ClaygroundPickleballSunflower Garden
ChessPinochleStingrays Swim Club
Concert BandPrairie SingersSymposium
Computer ClubRailroadTennis
Crafting MemoriesRV TravelersTheatre Company
Cue Club












For more information on Sun City Huntley activities and clubs, contact Tony Delisi The Sun City Specialist and resident at 847-471-7177 or email him at

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Sun City Huntley Models & Floorplans

Sun City Huntley offers a wide variety of models to choose from. There are almost 60! That’s why you need a Sun City Huntley specialist and resident like Tony Delisi to help you pick the perfect one for you. Here are some facts about homes in Sun City Huntley. Call 847-471-7177 for more information or to get a blue print of models that are of interest to you.


The Clovers are attached homes that were built by Del Webb between 1999 and 2002. Each group contains four units built on slabs. The buildings are not curved and the flat design gives Clovers a town-house look and makes for more private entrances and garages. There are six models to choose from and most units include 2-car garages. All exterior home maintenance, lawn care and snow removal is provided by the association.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Alsike1,0141 + Den11 or 2
Alyce1,0231 + Den1.51 or 2
Chicory1,1251 + Den or 21.5 or 21 or 2
Crimson1,221221 or 2
Osceola1,5592 + Den22


Villas are attached homes. Each building of Villas contains six units arranged in a “U” shape configuration with two of each model. The Albright/Arden are always located on the end, Savoy models are in the middle and Wyngates are located at the back. All lawn care, snow removal and exterior home maintenance is provided by the association. All Villas have a patio and many face really nice views. Many people enjoy the lower taxes, maintenance free life and camaraderie of neighbors in the Villas.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Wyngate1,5992 + Den or 322

Triplex I

Sun City Huntley Neighborhood 19The Triplex are attached homes located in neighborhood 19 in Sun City Huntley. Each building contains three units that include two Dunham units on the ends and a Canton model in the middle. All units are built on slabs and include 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2-car garages. The Triplexes appeal to those who want the maintenance-free lifestyle but want large lots with lots of green space. All lawn care, snow removal and exterior home maintenance is provided by the association.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Dunham1,5502 + Den22

Triplex II

The Triplex 1 homes were a hit, so the Triplex II models were built in 2004. The Triplex II models include three units per building with the larger Hanover in the middle and two smaller Hampshire models located on either end. Both models are built on slab and include 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2-car garages. As with all attached homes, the association looks after exterior maintenance.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Hanover1,5432 + Den22



The Club Homes (later called Manors) are single family detached homes built on smaller lots to deliver more home for the dollar. Some were built by Del Webb and some were built by Pulte. Club homes generally have shorter driveways and are closer to neighbors on one side. Many back to wet lands and have really nice locations with green space. There are a variety of elevations available too. Club homes were joined to one neighbor at the foundation by a cement member that looks like the bumper stop in parking lots. That’s it. They are not attached. Why the cement? It allowed the builder to put more homes per acre at the time. There is no common wall and they are not duplexes.

In the final phase of construction, Pulte/Del Webb changed the name of this model collection to Manors. The model names changed from York, James and Potomac to Haven, Journey and Serenity. These later homes are no longer attached the footings and are more dressed up with granite, stainless steel etc. All Clubhomes and Manors are built on slabs. Because they had larger lots, later phases included options for sunrooms and extended garages.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Potomac/Serenity1,5512 + Den or 322

Northwoods Classics

The Northwoods Classics homes were built by Del Webb between 1999 and 2002.  Some homes are offered with options such as basements and front porches. Some are on larger lots and have extended garages, and bonus rooms. There are lots of different tweaks in these homes and every one seems to be unique. Built early, they are on some good locations too and definitely worth seeing.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Gaylord1,1301 + Den or 21.5 or 22
Nicolet1,351222 or 2.5
Manistee1,5202 or 2 + Den22

The Traditions

The Traditions were constructed by Del Webb between 2000 and 2002. Even these smaller size homes often have basements.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Ravinia1,7532 + Den22
Holiday1,9032 + Den22


The Classic Series homes include six models built by Pulte/Del Webb starting in 2002 through 2011. All Classic homes feature two bedrooms plus a den, two bathrooms and a 2-car garage. These plans include open layouts and optional features such as extended garages and basements. The Fox model is the most popular model in Sun City. These hoes all have very open lay-outs and a distinctly modern look with plenty of room.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Fox1,5392 + Den22
Drury1,6522 + Den22
Geneva1,7152 + Den22
Cantigny1,7882 + Den or 322
Arlington1,8892 + Den22
Brookfield1,9692 + Den22

Shoreline Premiers

The Shoreline Premiers were built by Del Webb between 1999 and 2002. These models have spacious designs and many feature 2.5-car garages and basements. The Premiers were built on premium lots and many homes enjoy views of open space, wet lands or the golf course.  If you want storage or like to entertain, these could be the homes to consider.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Evanston1,624222 or 2.5
Mackinac1,6492 or 2 + Den22 or 2.5
Grand Haven1,792222 or 2.5
Petoskey1,8622 + Den or 322 to 2.5
Traverse Bay2,1262 + Den or 322 or 2.5


This series has space and luxury, with expansive great rooms and open layouts. All homes include two bedrooms with a den that can be converted into a third bedroom. 2-car garages and slabs are standard but 3-car garages and basements are optional. Most feature premium locations too.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Adler2,0152 + Den or 322 to 3
Grant2,2382 + Den or 322 to 3
Dearborn2,4503 + Den or 422 to 3
Buckingham2,5592 + Den or 32.5 or 32 to 3

Great Lakes Estates

If the model is named after a great lake, it has dramatic luxury built in. The Great Lakes Estates are the original high-end series of homes built by Del Webb between 1999 and 2002. The models have taller ceilings, classic large crown millwork and romantic transom windows with really deluxe master bedrooms and bathrooms.  Some have a bathroom attached to the guest bedroom making a private suite for guests. These homes were built to impress and many were constructed with numerous upgrades included as well as optional features such as basements and premium view homesites.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Erie2,1762 + Den or 322 or 2.5
Michigan2,2862 + Den2.52.5
Superior2,4822 + Den or 32.5 or 32.5
Huron2,6352 + Den or 32.52.5
Ontario3,2042 + Den or 32.52.5


The Reserves are ilarger homes filled with luxury. Built by Pulte/Del Webb between 2004 and 2007 these models include full brick fronts, 3-car garages and highly upgraded interiors. Open layouts, sunrooms and optional basements make these homes further appealing to high-end buyers who want the finest Sun City Huntley has to offer.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
Dearborn II2,4503 + Den or 423
Buckingham II2,5592 + Den or 333
Westchester2,5932 + Den2.53
Ashcroft2,8332 + Den to 3 + Den2.53
Whitney3,0703 + Den2.53

Arcadia Condos

The Arcadia Condo is a 3-story elevator building with underground parking and a common entrance. There is basement storage and a designated parking space as well as lots of outside parking. The condo was built in 2003 and is located adjacent to the Meadow View Lodge. This is a fantastic location that gives you great views and a pool and fitness center just outside the building. There is a common “party room” for group activities. There are not many homes available and there are usually very few for sale in the building. If you see one for sale , it’s lucky.

Model NameSq. Ft.BedsBathsGarage
B1,0591 + Den or 221
C1,1412 + Den21

Lots of size, styles and variety. Sun City Huntley has a model that suits almost everyone. But you need a specialist to help you narrow it to ones that please you. Call Tony Delisi a resident and Sun City Huntley specialist at 847-471-7177.

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