How are Sun City Prices?

People always ask me “How’s The Market In My Neighborhood?” so I thought I would do up a page just for the Sun City Market. If you are considering selling in Sun City, this information will be useful and if you are thinking of buying it should be  help as well.

The statistics on the page are updated every few minutes directly from MRED the Multiple Listing Service, so these stats are more accurate than those on non-Realtor sites. If you want to know about Sun City prices, take a look at the numbers my clients ask about the most”

All the numbers discussed are from Sun City HUntley only and are for traditional sales, not bankl owned, distressed or new construction.

Sun City Prices – Average Prices

As you can see, Sun City prices are up dramatically from $208,000 in August 2016 to $242,000 in August 2017. That’s an amazing 16.3% increase in just one year in median Sun City prices which is more than Huntley overall. Aren’t you glad you live here?

Sun City Prices – Market Time

If you do decide to move, how long will it take to sell your home? The median time has gone from 29 days in August 2016 to 17 days in August 2017. YIKES that’s just over 2 weeks for well priced homes in good condition. That’s quicker than I can get an appointment with my dentist!!

Sun City Prices – How Flexible Are Sellers?

As you can imagine, when houses sell so quickly, it’s a sellers market and seller are not discounting much in Sun City, Last August, the median contract price was 95.6% of list price and in August 2017 it’s even higher at 96.9%. That means that on a $250,000 home, the successful offers are accepted at about $7,750 off list on average.

Sun City Prices – How Long Will This Continue?

There is one indication that there may be a future drop in these rosy market conditions.  Realtors track the number of “under contract homes”  as an early indication of the health of the market. If the number of under contracts  falls, then in a few month, the market will slow down. There has been a slight drop in the last few months so it is something to have a great Realtor (like me) keep an eye on for you.

So, that’s a quick look at how the market is doing in Sun City and in particular, Sun City Prices. Don’t rely on computer models like Zillow for your information. They admit that they are wrong 17% on average and that’s a lot of money. You need a human who knows the local market to run the numbers for you. I will be glad to send you a compete report  based not just on Sun City but on your specific model and your specific neighborhood. There is no cost and you can do it even if you are just curious because I am happy to do it for you.

For this of you that want more information on Sun City and not just Sun City prices, here is some additional information. I have lots of details and all the floor plans for you at Sun City Details.

I love Sun City Huntley. My wife and I have lived here for about 5years. We have made great friends and it makes me smile every day. It’s a big place – almost 2,300 acres with over 5400 homes but there are lots of open areas and green space. It is built out, so no more homes will be erected. Thee is a spectacular 94.000 sq ft clubhouse with state of the art fitness equipment, indoor pool, indoor track, a theater a great restaurant and more. Just outside the lodge is a championship golf course too and tennis courts. There is a second lodge as well with fitness center, outdoor pool and meeting rooms.

There are clubs focused on a variety of interests, card games, trips and entertainment in the theater. Movies are a dollar with fifty cent pop corn. There’s a wood working shop and a baseball diamond with a league. Best of all, these activities surround you with active adults. You never feel like the old person in the room.

If you want to find out more about Sun City prices or anything about Sun City, call me, Tony Delisi at RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest 847-471-7177.