Seller AdvantageBy: Tony Delisi RE/Max Unlimited Northwest

Another seller advantage I offer sellers who list with me is my Zillow Tune Up. It’s one of the reasons, I sell homes quickly and for top dollar. Here’s what you need to know.

The Internet Is Critical

Most experts agree that about 90% of all buyers find the homes they want to see on the internet. That’s huge and very important if the Realtor you are considering is not an internet marketing expert. Putting a sign on the lawn isn’t going to get you buyers if they are looking on line and not driving through neighborhoods.

There’s Zillow and Then There’s Zillow

All Realtors tell you they put your home on Zillow. Actually, it’s automatic. Zillow picks up new listings from the Multiple Listing Service. The problem is that there are a lot of listings on Zillow. According to a web site that collects real estate data, there are about 110 million homes listed on Zillow. Yikes! That’s a lot of listings. Will buyers find your home? We tell you how to be sure your home will be seen on Zillow in this article.

About 60% of all real estate traffic on line is on Zillow. There are 186 homes searched every second on Zillow, so you need to be there and be prominent.


Zillow estimates how much your home is worth and publishes it right there for everyone to see. There would be a tremendous seller advantage if you could get this estimate of value as high as possible.  Even though this is an obvious seller advantage, very few Realtors do anything about this for their clients or even know anything about it. Did the Realtor you are considering mention what they do about it in their presentation to you?

Tony Delisi Seller Advantage | The Zillow Tune Up

Let’s say you have listed your home for $250,000. It’s worth a bit more than average because you redid the kitchen and bath and has an exceptional location. Your problem is that Zillow doesn’t see inside your home and doesn’t know you did these improvements. Let’s say they put their Zestimate for your home at only $225,000. That means every person who sees your home on line will assume your home is over priced. Most will not even come out to see it. That’s how important your Zillow Zestimate it and how important my Seller Advantage is to selling your home.

OK, What Is Your Seller Advantage?

For each of the homes listed with me, I do a Zestimate analysis and Zestimate Tune Up. I look at your listing on Zillow and look for things Zillow has not noted about your home and missing information. For example, your Zillow description may not say you have granite counter tops. I then tune up your description using keywords found to trigger raising the Zillow Zestimate in an effort to get Zillow to raise their valuation of your home which will be seen (and believed) by thousands of buyers.

I can’t force Zillow to raise your homes valuation but my tune ups consistently get better values for those selling homes through me and this is critical to selling homes quickly and for top dollar.

Find Out More About Tony Delisi Seller Advtange

If you would like to find out what your Zestimate is and how it could be raised, let’s talk. Call or text Tony Delisi at RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest 847-471-7177. Do it today because 186 people are searching per second and they may feel your home is overpriced!