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Tony Delisi – one of the top selling Realtors in Huntley offers enhanced services to his buyer clients that give these clients a variety of advantages. These seller advantages ensure a hassle-free sale of your home quickly and for top dollar.

Here are some of the seller advantages we offer. If these are the kind of enhanced marketing services you might like, call or text a top selling realtor in Huntley – Tony Delisi at 847-471-7177.

Zillow Tune Up By Top Selling Realtor In Huntley

One of the first things I do for my clients is a Zillow tune-up. As you know more than 8 million people visit Zillow every month and they will be looking at (and probably believing) the Zestimate that Zillow puts on your home. The estimate of value can often be raised by editing your home description and using keywords which I have found encourages Zillow’s robots to raise their estimate of the value of your home. While I can’t guarantee that Zillow will raise your estimate, many of my clients have had their Zestimate raised by substantial amounts and this helps sell your home quickly and for top dollar. It’s one of the reasons why I am a top selling realtor in Huntley. If this is the kind of enhanced marketing you would like for your home, call Tony Delisi a top selling realtor in Huntley today at 847-471-7177.

I Already Have A List Of Prospective Buyers For Your Home

I have access to software that shows me lists of Realtors who have clients that have asked for homes that match your listing. These buyers are looking for a home like yours! It’s a list of interested buyers and depending on how well you priced your home, there are usually 50 to 300 buyers looking for your home. I email the Realtor who is working with these buyers and send him information on your home and encourage them to set an appointment. Statistics show that people on this list are most likely to be the buyers of your home. Contacting them with great print or video can make this happen for you. If this is the kind of enhanced marketing you would like for your home, call Tony Delisi today at 847-471-7177.

Open House Commitment By Top Selling Realtor

open house events by top selling huntley realtorMany Realtors say open houses don’t work but my experience says they do. Last year I got a large portion of my sales from open house events which I hosted  for my clients. In fact, I commit to doing an open house every week for one of my listings (except major holidays).  I don’t just show up and unlock the door. I advertise the open house on Facebook and pay for very targeted ads to attract the best buyers. I announce the open house on Zillow, Trulia, and hundreds of other real estate sites which buyers use to find these events. I often mail to neighbors to invite them and I have even hosted farewell parties. Why do I care about neighbors? Because many will have friends or relatives who always wanted to move into the neighborhood and now is their chance. So while other Realtors are home watching TV, I am attracting buyers to my clients’ listings. If this is the kind of active marketing you feel will benefit you, call Tony Delisi atop selling Huntley Realtor at RE/MAX 847-471-7177.

Tony Delisi Top Selling Huntley Realtorlist Tony Delisi

Number On Sign – answered by motivated expert and top selling  Realtor In Huntley

You may not give a lot fo thought to the “For Sale Sign” on your lawn but it can make a big difference. Check out the picture and you will notice that my signs have my personal cell phone as the number to call for information. When buyers call, they get me! I know your home, I like your home and I am a great salesperson. Many other companies have the office number on the sign. And who answers the calls? Usually a salesperson “working the desk”. They probably have never seen your home, probably don’t know the features and probably aren’t very good at sales. That’s why they are “working the desk” while the good salespeople are often out actually selling. If you would like to have a motivated expert take calls from propspective buyers of your home, call Tony Delisi at RE/MAX 847-471-7177.


24 Hour Appointment Booking

RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest uses Showingtime to book our appointments. That means that co-operating Brokers can request and appointment to show your home 24-hours a day 7-days a week. Many other companies reuire that Brokers call the office to book appointments. In today’s fast paced real estate world, many buyers and Broker just won’t wait and you can lose interested and capable buyers. If you would like a company that can handle inquiries all day and all night for you, why settle for part time service, call Tony Delisi a Top selling Realtor in Huntley at 847-471-7177.

Precisely Targeted Advertising On Facebook Adwords To Sell Your Home

People don’t realize it but every piece of information you put on Facebook allows you to market your home to the most likely buyers. I can show your home to people who are interested in Huntley, people who are “thinking of moving”, people of the right age, people with the right size families, people who like golf and much much more. My Facebook business page has almost 800 fans that things I post about your listing – I believe that is more than any other Realtor in the Northwest Suburbs.Here is a sample I I ran for one of my clients. Check the arrow…it was seen by 3,376 hand picked potential buyers in one week. Is that the kind of modern professional marketing you would like for your home? If it is and you’d like to find out more call Tony Delisi a Top selling Realtor in Huntley at 847-471-7177.


Expert Video Marketing

More people watch video on line than read printed words. I use video extensively to get attention and sell my clients’ homes. I put video everywhere on line! Your home will have video on sites like Zillow and Trulia and it will have video on social media sites like Facebook, Youtube and Google+. In addition, I send video about your home via email to my database of buyers and to other Realtors who send them to their buyers. I also use animations which create a lot of buzz on social media because people like to show them to friends and family. Video is huge on line. Be sure your Realtor uses it wisely. If you would like a Realtor -a Top selling Realtor in Huntley who has a camera and uses it a lot for you, call Tony Delisi at RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest 847-471-7177.

I Pay To Work At RE/MAX

I love working at RE/MAX. Have you ever heard someone say they love their job so much they’d pay to work there? Well I pay every month and this gives you a big advantage. You see, when I wake up each day I realize I am paying to be at RE/MAX so I better do something to sell my clients’ homes. Many other Realtors don’t pay. They get a cut of commission but pay no fees. That means if they sell your home great but if they don’t it’s not a big deal. This is one reason why RE/MAX brokers average twice as many sales as average Brokers and why I am a top selling realtor in Huntley. We are motivated to sell your home every day! No wonder I am a top selling Realtor in Huntley. If this is the kind of marketing and motivation you would like when you list your home, call Tony Delisi at RE/MAX 847-471-7177.

Semi Monthly Report

I keep my listing clients informed by going over results twice a month. We discuss that actual numbers of people who saw my ads for your home, my Facebook posts, your custom web page and more. We also discuss open house results and comments from people who made appointments to see your home. I produce measurable results that I share with you regularly. To find out more from a top selling realtor in Huntley, call Tony Delisi at RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest 847-471-7177.

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If you would like to have these advantages when buying a home, contact Tony Delisi The Results Guy and Huntley Home Specialist a top selling realtor in Huntley at 847-471-7177 or [email protected]