By: Tony Delisi

Your Call Is Important To Us

Buyers and sellers hate it when they try to call a Realtor and get voice mail. We agree! But, according to RIS Media, 42% of all calls to Realtors go to voice mail! Today’s buyers and sellers want better service. They won’t wait. That means if you are a seller, you are probably losing 42% of the buyers who are interested in buying your home and we think that’s unacceptable.

That’s why the Vince Romano Group uses the ultimate in high tech phone service for our inquiries from Zillow and the phone numbers on our signs and advertisements come directly to a team member, not to “the desk” at the office.  Our team has 5 dedicated members because no one can be by the phone all the time.Our calls are directed to roam from one to another of us until the call is answered by a human team member and expert before it goes to voice mail. With 5 dedicated professionals on the team, there’s a very good chance calls with be answered by live humans and that’s a huge advantage for you from the Vince Romano team.

Also, if you use a single Realtor to sell your home, there will betimes when they are on vacation, in a meeting, out to dinner etc and your buyers go to voice mail and possibly disappear forever. With our 5 team members and high tech voice mail system, we talk to more buyers about your home.

If that’s the kind of innovative, dedicated service that you would like to  get more buyers for your home, call Tony Delisi “The Results Guy” at 847-471-7177 and let’s talk.